The Constitution is as elegantly simple as it is rock solid. Intuitive to maintain, full auto rated, monolithic core – this is as close to a do all 5.56 can as possible, all while providing 30 dB of sound reduction. Made entirely of 4140 alloy steel, the Constitution can handle whatever you throw at it. The perfect mix for both the experienced shooter, as well as someone who is looking to get into suppressed rifle shooting. Simple is the idea here with a direct thread attachment setup, it has no extra parts to fuss with or purchase. Simply remove the flash hider and washer from your AR15 and spin this bad boy on it in their place. Done. Tough, quiet and easy to maintain: the Liberty Suppressors Constitution.

The Constitution

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This item is for local pickup only. If you buy it online, you must stop in and fill out the forms, transfer of item is pending background check and stamp tax of $200, in addition to the price listed. Must be a MN resident, the item can be transfered to another FFL with an SOT. Within 10 miles. Additional fees apply.